# 2023-03-08 MEETING

# main presentation - Liang Yan - Stable Diffusion

Stable Diffusion (opens new window)

During the presentation, I will provide an overview of Stable Diffusion, including other similar projects. I will also demonstrate how to set up Stable Diffusion locally and generate images using different models, which you can find on GitHub (https://github.com/AUTOMATIC1111/stable-diffusion-webui).

# next presentation - William Lindley - writing a book using pikchr (opens new window)

...the latter-day incarnation of the ancient 'pic' — that creates beautiful vector or raster diagrams from simple text descriptions.

# other topics mentioned throughout the evening...

LaGrange Railroad Museum (opens new window)

Amtrak (opens new window)

OrgMode for Emacs (opens new window) - Your life in plain text.

Graphviz (opens new window) - another open source graph visualization software

Pioneer Donald Knuth (opens new window) - Bill 'chatted' with DEK on arpanet. No way!

LaTeX (opens new window) - A document preparation system

Javelin Software (opens new window) - innovative (opens new window) modeling and data analysis product

QGIS (opens new window) - open source Geographic Information System

PostGIS (opens new window) - a spatial database extender for PostgreSQL (opens new window)

Knowledge Graphs (opens new window)

osquery (opens new window) - Query your devices like a database. wow!