# William Lindley

Microsoft-free since 2000. Boycotting the "evil MAGA" (Microsoft, Apple, Google, Amazon). I do not, and caution you to jettison and stop using and certainly stop paying for, any computer — even if it is euphemistically called a "smart" something — that runs "apps." "App" (applications program) has been hijacked to effectively mean "malware and spyware." Your dollars have impact! As with pay television: Stop giving your money to people who are out to harm you. Stop hurting yourself.

Not on Twitter (looks like line noise), LinkedIn (Microsoft product), or Meetup (who supported the domestic terrorists during the Trump administration). Reluctantly still with a free Github account only to contribute to community projects whom I encourage to also boycott Microsoft and move to platforms who do not support proprietary software.

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  • email: wlindley{at}wlindley <☆> com

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